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Afterschool Tutorial and College Preparatory Services

105 N. Huntington Ave., Monterey Park, CA 91754 -- (626)288-6767
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Welcome Parents and Students

We invite you to visit our brand new facility designed with an at home feel. We are committed to providing a family-oriented atmosphere most conducive to the learning and after school care of your child(ren). Everything from school pick-up to healthy snack prepared daily from our kitchen to quiet areas for doing homework is provided. We are parents too and we know what is important to you and your child(ren).

The Team

Vision and Purpose


We passionately believe that the most prepared students are the ones best able to meet the challenges of tomorrow's society. Our purpose is to prepare students not only at the academic but also at the social level. We want to build individuals with strong self-esteem and self-confidence acquired through problems solving whether these problems exist on paper or in the students' daily lives. These basic qualities are directly translatable into personal philosophy of respect, discipline, and high achievement. Our people are dedicated to this vision by being themselves high achievers, and by caring for the students under his/her charge.

Latest Update

Application for Afterschool services is now available. Parents of new or returning students need to fill out an updated application so that we can have your latest contact information. We are here during the first week of school August 11-15 from 8AM to 6PM, please come by to visit or just to say hello.

Saturday writing and math enrichment classes have started to meet since September 6, 2014. Parents are encouraged to apply for either the morning session (10 to 12pm) or the afternoon session (1 to 3pm) anytime.

After school
After School


[Monday-Friday 12-7pm]

Our afterschool care services include:
- School to school pickup
- Healthy snack and drink provision
- Homework assistance with corrections
- Mandatory daily reading
- Healthy body - healthy mind recess
- Computer Internet access for research and project work
- Customized math and vocab enrichment as required

College Preparatory

Weeknight (7-9pm) and Saturday (10-3pm)

- AP exam preparation: Chemistry, Biology, Calculus
- Customized PSAT and SAT/ACT reading, writing, and math
- Access to 1500+ test questions with detailed explanations
- 16+ hours of personalized tutoring
- Customizable to each student's needs and capability
- On-line and on-site full-length practice exams from past College Board given exams
Study Saturday

Saturday Services

Morning (10-12pm) and Afternoon (1-3pm):

Writing (Beginner and Advance):
- Sentence structure, grammar development
- Structure and style development: compare and contrast, exploratory, persuasive, and descriptive
Math (3rd through 12 grade):
- Personalized math tutoring: fraction, decimal, algebra, geometry, algebra II, trigonometry, calculus
summer enrichment
Summer Enrichment

Summer Program

Our 2014 Summer Program has ended. Please check back with us during February - March 2015 for the latest updated information on our Summer 2015 program.

Learning Fun
Learning Fun

Learning Fun


Contact by Mail

Contact Us


Our mailing address, phone, and fax numbers are:


105 N. Huntington Ave.

Monterey Park, CA 91754

voice: (626) 288-6767 fax: (626) 288-6764


You can request a free consultation or trial service for your child(ren) by calling us or by filling out an on-line registration form ("Register Today" link on main page). We are conveniently located directly across from the Monterey Park U.S. Postal Office.

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